Community Impact - The New Manchaca Fire Station!

October 31, 2011

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New Manchaca Fire Station

The Manchaca Volunteer Fire Department is five months away from completing two new fire stations—a new 12,000-square-foot headquarters on 14 acres located at 655 W. FM 1626 and a replacement station for the current 12010 Brodie Lane facility.

Fire chief Chris Barron said the MVFD’s four stations will serve a 21-square-mile area. The new headquarters will soon host living quarters for firefighters, equipment, training facilities and fire trucks for the surrounding stations.

“It will improve our services and response time to our citizens,” Barron said. “We currently average six to nine minutes, but by putting our people and equipment in the central part of our district, we are going to see much quicker response time leading to less property loss and improved health care.”

The Shady Hollow Municipal Utilities District is funding the new Brodie Lane station, and the FM 1626 station is a part of the Manchaca’s emergency services district. With an annual budget of $3.5 million, the MVFD plans to add new services are parallel with needs of the growing community.

“We rely heavily on the community to provide us feedback with how we are doing as a service provider, and we want to gain their support and continue to work with our community whenever we need it,” Barron said. “We have stepped up more to the plate.”