Amplify Austin with Marbridge Foundation!

November 23, 2013

There are over 40,500 individuals in Austin, Texas alone with special needs. A huge myth pertaining to this group of people is that they cannot and will not ever learn, experience or achieve the same things as you and me. This is a population that is often ignored in society and unfortunately often grow up being told that they will never accomplish their dreams.

Marbridge is fighting to break these barriers and show that individuals with special needs CAN achieve amazing things if only given the chance. Marbridge is a non-profit residential and transitional community in South Austin for adults with a wide range of cognitive abilities that provides them with the tools they need to learn, experience and achieve a whole new life.

Join Marbridge this year during Amplify Austin's 24 hour online giving period on March 20th at 6pm to March 21st at 6pm as we fight to spread the word that individuals with special needs CAN learn, experience and achieve great things.

Helping is easy - simply share this video with anyone and everyone in your social network and you will be helping us tremendously as we strive to encourage people to notice abilities, not disabilities.

Check out their video on youtube here.