M Station was featured on KVUE last night for a story about the need for more affordable housing!

April 18, 2012

With M Station, the hope was to dramatically reduce the primary portions of a resident family’s budget while also achieving an exemplary quality of life. An affordable rent lowers housing costs; a location in the most transit-rich neighborhood in Austin lowers transportation costs; a high-quality, on-site childcare facility lowers child care costs; an energy- and water-efficiently designed property lowers utility costs; and an engaging and well-shaded landscape encourages outdoor, healthy play for children and their families. Ensuring that units and environs at M Station were designed and constructed as healthy and efficient as possible is saving residents much-needed dollars and contributing to more stable families and neighborhoods. M-Station offers one, two & three bedroom unit plans in four different buildings. A 4th floor unit on the west side of the property offers views of downtown, while units on the east side of the property view the existing mature vegetation of Boggy Creek.